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Kaplan & Stratton

The Import of the Supreme Court Judgment on NSSF Contributions

On 21st February 2024, the Supreme Court delivered its judgment in Petition No. E004 OF 2023 as consolidated with Petition No. E002 OF 2023; KTGA & 2 Others v. The NSSF Board of Trustees & 6 Others. The subject of the dispute concerns the constitutionality of the ..

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Clyde & Co.

Real Estate update on recent changes in the premium and capital gain tax rated to property

This article discusses the recent changes in the premium and capital gain tax rates for property related transactions in Tanzania. These changes stem from amendments to the Land (Fees) (Amendment) Regulations and the Finance Act No. 2 of 2023.

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Casino Enterprise (Pty) Limited (Swaziland) v Gauteng Gambling Board and Others | Online Gambling

In the Casino Enterprise v Gauteng Gambling Board case, the court ruled that Gauteng’s gambling laws governed the activities of the Swaziland online casino. As a result, the company had to comply with these rules and obtain the necessary permissions. This case highlights ..

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Regulatory update: Guidance Notice on Registering Data Controllers and Processors of Major Importance

On the 14th of February, in accordance with its mandate to ensure the genuine processing of personal data by legitimate persons or organizations, the Nigeria Data Protection Commission issued a guidance notice on Registering Data Controllers and Processors of Major Import..

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Access to beneficial ownership information in Kenya: private companies

Kenya’s Statute Law (Miscellaneous Amendments) Act, 2019, made amendments to the Companies Act, 2015, by introducing Section 93A which requires every company registered in Kenya to keep a register of its beneficial owners and file a copy with the Registrar of Companies wi..

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Werksmans Attorneys

Nigeria’s Gas Case Lights Up the Arbitration World

It has ingredients of a thriller: big money, greed, bribery, deception, picturesque locations… But the main theme of the story is how it has forced a rethink about arbitration in resolving international contractual disputes. In October 2023 in England’s High Court, Mr Jus..

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Mauritius: Conservatorship in banking, 17 February 2024 – Bowmans [Financial services]

The Bank of Mauritius has placed Silver Bank Ltd under conservatorship in accordance with Section 65 of the Banking Act. The last time that a bank was put under conservatorship in Mauritius was BanyanTree Bank Ltd in 2020. Of note, the conservatorship of BanyanTree Bank L..

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New Mozambican labour law about to come into force

Businesses operating in Mozambique and employing individuals there have likely encountered the longstanding Labour Law, Act 23/2007, of 1 August, which has been in operation since 2007. That Act has finally been repealed, and is set to be replaced by the new Labour Law, A..

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Angola: Environmental Protected Areas Regulations, 6 February 2024

Law 8/20, of 16 April 2020, – the “Environmental Protected Areas Regulations” – created a National Network of Protected Areas (Rede de Áreas de Conservação Ambiental). The Regulations of Law 8/20 have now been enacted by way of Presidential Decree 50/24, of 2 February 202..

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