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S&L Advocates

Uganda case alert – banks have no duty to reverse online payments made by a customer

The High Court of Uganda has in Translink Limited v Standard Chartered Bank (U) Limited, High Court Civil Suit No 415 of 2019 re-examined the scope of a bank’s duty of care to its customer in the context of an online or digital transaction. The Court stated that a b..

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B&P Associates

Restrictions On The Alienation And Use Of Land In Ghana

One of the most valuable assets that a person can acquire in Ghana is, land (immovable or real property). As defined by Ollennu J. (as he then was), now reflected in the Land Act, 2020 (Act 1036): “the term land, includes the solid surface of the earth, trees, plant, crop..

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Nigeria's Digital Future: the Blockchain Adoption Strategy

Blockchain, which is mostly associated with cryptocurrencies and the like, had remained largely unregulated in Nigeria until September 2020, when the Securities and Exchange Commission issued a statement on digital assets, to the effect that crypto-offerings and other for..

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Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr

Finance Bill, 2023: An analysis of the major tax proposals

The long-awaited Finance Bill, 2023 (Bill) was finally tabled before the National Assembly on 4 May 2023. The Bill comes after a lot of speculation by taxpayers, lobbying by business associations, and speeches or promises from government officials.

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ABC Attorneys

The Personal Data Protection Act No. 11 of 2022 is now operational

Vide Government Notice no 326 of the 28th of April, 2023 the Minister for Information, Communication and Information Technology Mr.Nape Nnauye has pronounced the 1st of May 2023 as the operational date for the most awaited Act on personal data Protection.

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Using replacement labour when locking out employees "is in response to a strike" – what does this mean

A recent Constitutional Court case had to consider the circumstances where an employer had instituted a lock-out and utilised replacement labour in response to a strike.

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KN Law

The Capital Markets (Investment-Based Crowdfunding) Regulations, 2022

The Capital Markets (Investment-Based Crowdfunding) Regulations, 2022 (the “Regulations”) have been gazetted. The Regulations enable start-ups and growing businesses to raise money from individuals or entities to either finance a project or business through crowdfunding p..

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IBN Immigration Solutions

Trusted Employer Scheme Announced

During the annual South Africa Investment Conference (SAIC) on April 13, 2023, President Cyril Ramaphosa unveiled plans for an overhaul of the work visa system. The goal of this initiative is to attract the skills required to boost investment and achieve the president’s o..

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Kanokanga & Partners

Medical Cannabis In Zimbabwe

The growing and selling of cannabis for medical and research purposes became legal in Zimbabwe in 2018 after the government gave the green light to farmers and investors alike. This made Zimbabwe the second African state to do so.


The growing of med..

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