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The scandal of food wastage: prepare for regulatory pressure

Worldwide, significant quantities of food are wasted at all points of the supply chain and across all commodities. At the retail level, large quantities of food are wasted due to quality standards that overemphasise appearance.

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The Regulatory Framework for Fintechs in Uganda

The Parliament of Uganda passed the National Payment Systems Act (the Act) in 2020 and a year later, the National Payment Systems Regulations 2021 (the Regulations) were passed to operationalise the Act. The objective of this regime is to cont..

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Sal & Caldeira Advogados

The Beneficial Owner under the New Commercial Code

The new Commercial Code, approved by Decree-Law no. 1/2022 of 25 May (the “New CCom"), in its article 99, establishes the obligation for the companies to have, and maintain updated, a registration with information on the identity of its ..

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An Appraisal of The Nigeria Data Protection Bill 2022

Since the issuance of the Nigeria Data Protection Regulation in 2019 (NDPR), stakeholders have clamoured for a more robust data protection instrument to adequately provide for the collection and processing of personal data in Nigeria. Consequently, there have been several..

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Cronjé Inc.

Affirmative Action Act compliance report herefrom required by small businesses

As from 15 September 2022 all employers with 10 or more employees are required to submit compliance reports in terms of the Affirmative Action Act.

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IKM Advocates

Give foreign investors more access to land in food-security goals

Secure property rights, efficient land ownership and use are the cornerstone of any modern economy. Kenya has kept up with global trends in recognizing the fundamental role that land plays in sustainable economic growth and has made efforts ..

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Uganda: Regulatory Update – NGO/ CSO compliance with the Data Protection and Privacy Act 2019

On 7 October 2022, the National Bureau for Non-Governmental Organisations released a circular requiring non-governmental organisations to register with the Personal Data Protecti..

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Webber Wentzel

FSCA declares crypto assets a financial product

The Financial Sector Conduct Authority has published the first of what will be a series of regulations to manage crypto assets and their providers. Following its initial proposal on 20 November 2020, the Financial Se..

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The Nigeria Start-up Act | What it is and Why It Matters

The Nigerian technology and innovation space in general, and its startup ecosystem in particular, has been gaining momentum and recording impressive growth in recent times.

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