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KN Law

The Physical Planning Regulations

On November 26, 2021 the Cabinet Secretary for Lands and Physical Planning gazetted various regulations (the “Regulations”) under the Physical and Land Use Planning Act, 2019 (the “Act”) and they include:

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Moira Mukuka Legal Practitioners

Net-Metering - A Game Changer for Zambia's Electricity Sector

In a progressive move, the Energy Regulation Board (“ERB”) has published the draft Net-Metering Regulations (the “Draft Regulations”), which will allow electricity consumers who generate their own electricity, using renewable energy technologi..

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South Africa: Information Regulator publishes a new prescribed form to be used in the event of a security compromise

Last week the Information Regulator published a prescribed Security Compromise Notification Form (Form) in terms of section 22 of the Protection of Personal Information Act, 2013 (POPIA).

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The regulation of open banking in South Africa

“Open banking” involves the use of an application programming interface (“API”) and open-source technology to allow third-party developers, such as fintechs, to access data traditionally held by banks and develop applications or services around such data.

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Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr

An analysis of the new amendments to the Retirement Benefits Act

The Retirement Benefits Act 3 of 1997 (Retirement Benefits Act) is an act that establishes the retirement benefits authority and provides for the rules and guidelines that employers should comply with and employees should be aware of, with respect to retirement benefits s..

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AVM Legal Network

Legal Regime of the Tax Identification Number

The Presidential Decree nr. 245/21, of October 4, regarding the Legal Regime of the Tax Identification Number, currently in force, aims, among others, to broaden the taxpayer base, establishing the procedures regarding the attribution, composition, obligatory mention, use..

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Anjarwalla & Khanna

Legal Alert | CBK’s Guidance on Climate-Related Risk Management to Enhance Business Resilience


Considerable attention has been directed at climate change and its impact on the environment in recent years. At a global level, this attention resulted in the Paris ..

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Clyde & Co.

Update on the amendments to the Non-Citizens (Employment Regulation) Act in Tanzania

The 2021 Written Laws¹ recently amended the Non-Citizens (Employment Regulation) Act of 2015 (the Act). In this article, we explore the key changes made to the Act and how this will impact investors doing business in Tanzania and non-citizen employees going forward.
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Webber Wentzel

2018 Mining Charter is policy, not law!

The High Court has ruled that the 2018 Mining Charter is policy, not law, and has set aside various aspects of the Charter as unconstitutional. While sound, this judgment is likely to be appealed.

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