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New resolution regime for designated institutions comes into effect

Banks and other financial institutions should take note of the new resolution framework that came into effect on 1 June 2023. These legislative changes stem from the global financial crisis and the Group of Twenty’s request that the Financial Stability Board provide a lis..

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Jackson, Etti & Edu

Persons with Significant Control Regulation 2022

On 23rd November 2022, The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment through its Minister, approved the Persons with Significant Control Regulation (''PSC Regulation''). The key objective of the regulation is to provide an effective framework and procedure for obtaining ..

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Koranteng & Koranteng

Community mining

In Ghana, gold mining has always been a profitable venture for people in areas rich with minerals. Small-Scale Mining (SSM) is a major driver of the economy, directly employing an estimated 1 million Ghanaians and supporting around 4.5 million others. SSM has accounted fo..

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Webber Wentzel

South African crypto providers now caught in licensing net

South African regulators have now defined crypto as a financial asset. But what does it mean in practice?

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KN Law

The Capital Markets (Investment-Based Crowdfunding) Regulations, 2022

The Capital Markets (Investment-Based Crowdfunding) Regulations, 2022 (the “Regulations”) have been gazetted. The Regulations enable start-ups and growing businesses to raise money from individuals or entities to either finance a project or business through crowdfunding p..

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Kanokanga & Partners

Medical Cannabis In Zimbabwe

The growing and selling of cannabis for medical and research purposes became legal in Zimbabwe in 2018 after the government gave the green light to farmers and investors alike. This made Zimbabwe the second African state to do so.


The growing of med..

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Regulation of Digital Money Lenders and Protection of Privacy Rights in Nigeria

Over the past few years, Digital Money Lenders have become increasingly common in Nigeria, as traditional financial institutions have more stringent requirements for providing loans to customers.

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South Africa: New reporting requirements regarding beneficial ownership in relation to trusts

South Africa is introducing new rules regarding the disclosure of beneficial ownership of assets as part of the measures to address its laws regarding anti-money laundering and the combatting of terrorism financing.

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MMAN Advocates

Fintech regulation in Kenya

According to the Economic Survey Report of 2022[1], the value of output from the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Sector rose by 6.9% from USD 4...

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