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Bilingualism in Court proceedings remains confusing

In a bid to promote the use of Kiswahili language in official business of the Government, in 2021, the Parliament of Tanzania through the Written Laws (Miscellaneous Amendments) Act, No 1 (the Written Laws) passed amendments to the Interpretation of Laws Act [Cap. 1..

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Adams & Adams

Parody in South Africa: addressing the Hippo in the room

A recent advertising parody has caused quite a stir at the watering hole, and left consumers questioning whether Hippo.co.za may have been out of line.

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What Does A Legal Register Look Like?

Your organisation may be considering commissioning a legal register. There may be some doubts as to what a legal register encompasses and what it actually looks like. These are common considerations for many organisations considering their legal register options. That sho..

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Colour trade marks: another purple patch?

The issue of colour trade marks rears its head from time to time. In theory, it’s very simple – a colour (or a colour combination) can function as a trade mark and can be registered as a trade mark. But many things are great in theory.

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Stress-Testing the Legal Regime for Single-Member Private Companies

The legal framework for single member private companies was one of the major reforms introduced by the Companies and Allied Matters Act 2020 (CAMA). In principle, this corporate structure allows for the formation, management, and operation of a private company, by a singl..

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Oraro & Co.

Thoughts on the Sub Judice Rule

On 17th August 2022, in Omwanza Ombati v. The Hon. Chief Justice, The President of the Supreme Court & 4 Others (2022) eKLR, the High Court (Thande, J) quashed the Supreme Court (Presidential El..

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How “worthy” is “worth it"?

“Worthiness” is commonly defined as “the quality of deserving respect or attention.” In the eyes of a financial institution, onboarding or maintaining an ongoing business relationship with a high-net-worth customer is “worth it” – but is it always “worthy”? Warren Buffet ..

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Dentons Hamilton Harrison & Mathews

Amendments to the Local Content Regulations

The Minister responsible for Minerals in Tanzania recently published Government Notice No. 749 of 2022 introducing various amendments to the Local Content Regulations of 2018. Below, we summarise some of the significant changes to the law.

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Webber Wentzel

Update: Cabinet approves the General Laws (Anti-Money Laundering and Combating Terrorism Financing) Amendment Bill Tabled before Parliament

The General Laws (Anti-Money Laundering and Combating Terrorism Financing) Amendment Bill, 2022, which will make the necessary changes to avoid South Africa being “greylisted”, has been tabled.

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