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South Africa: A new era for electricity supply – a Hybrid Market

On Thursday, 14 March, the Electricity Regulation Amendment Bill was passed by the National Assembly and has been sent to the National Council of the Provinces for consideration. This is a significant step towards the Bill being passed into law and therefore amending the ..

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Guidelines for Employment Termination on Medical Grounds

In Kenya’s dynamic employment landscape, terminating employees on medical grounds poses significant challenges for employers as employers must weigh between productivity and being sensitive in the face of medical incapacity. While the Employment Act, 2007 provides criteri..

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Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) New Minimum Capital Requirements for Banks

On 28 March 2024, the Central Bank of Nigeria revised the minimum capital requirements for banks aimed at strengthening the Nigerian financial system and actualizing the Nigerian Government’s objective to achieve a US$1 trillion economy in gross domestic product terms by ..

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LEX Africa

2023 Under Review – Policy and Legislative Developments

The year 2023 saw policies, legislation and judicial decisions that affected businesses and individuals. This report provides insight into some of these developments in 2023 and the outlook for 2024 for some sectors or areas.

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Key considerations and compliance challenges as South Africa introduces new "failure to prevent corrupt activities offence" in section 34A of the Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities Act

A significant recommendation of the State Capture Commission, the introduction of a failure to prevent corruption offence, has been introduced in South Africa with effect from 3 April 2024. The Judicial Matters Amendment Bill was passed by the National Council of Province..

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Sal & Caldeira Advogados

Beneficiary Owner Registration Under the New Regulation on the Registration of Legal Entities

With the entry into force on 8 March 2024 of the New Regulation on the Registration of Legal Entities, recently approved by Decree-Law no. 1/2024, of 8 March, all companies, consortia, representations of national or foreign entities must, within 90 days from 8 March 2024,..

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GDA Advocates

Regime for the liberalization of capital operations and other foreign exchange operations

On 21 March 2024, the Bank of Mozambique published Notice No. 4/GBM/2024 in the Official Gazette. This notice establishes the regime for the liberalization of capital operations and other foreign exchange operations in Mozambique. It applies to all parties involved in for..

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FB Attorneys

Trustees’ Beneficial Ownership Rules Issued

On 29 February 2024, the Minister for Constitutional and Legal Affairs issued procedures for submission of information of Beneficial Ownership vide the Trustees’ Incorporation (Transparency of Beneficial Ownership) Rules 2024, GN No. 139A of 2024. These Rules impose manda..

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Analysis of the Key Provisions and Implications of the Affordable Housing Act, 2024

The Affordable Housing Act, 2024 was gazetted on 19 March 2024 after being signed into law by the President on the same date. The Act serves to implement constitutional mandates regarding the right to accessible and adequate housing and sanitation standards while establis..

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