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Mozambican New Electricity Law

The Mozambican Assembly of the Republic approved a new electricity law (Law 12/2022), which will be in force as from October 10.


The main purpose of this law is to adapt the existent legislation (namely Law 21/97, which is revoked) to the actual Moz..

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Moira Mukuka Legal Practitioners

Net-Metering - A Game Changer for Zambia's Electricity Sector

In a progressive move, the Energy Regulation Board (“ERB”) has published the draft Net-Metering Regulations (the “Draft Regulations”), which will allow electricity consumers who generate their own electricity, using renewable energy technologi..

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MDR Advogados

Legal alert: Approval of the new Electricity Law

It was recently published Law no. 12/2022, of 11 July, which approves the Electricity Law (New
Electricity Law) and revokes Law no. 21/97, of 1 October (Electricity Law).

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