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Adams & Adams

Zurich Insurance Company 'hit by rock mass' in the Gautrain Tunnel

The Supreme Court of Appeal (“the SCA” hereinafter) recently delivered a judgement in a matter involving Zurich Insurance Company South Africa LTD (“the insurer”) and the Gauteng Provincial Government (“the insured”), bringing to an end litigation that commenced early 201..

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Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr

Challenging the authority of management or merely seeking clarity: When does insubordination occur

Insubordination is the wilful failure or refusal to obey a lawful and reasonable instruction given by a superior. This is different from insolence, which is rudeness, cheekiness or disrespectful behaviour. The Labour Court in Independent Risk Distributors SA (Pty) Ltd v C..

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Webber Wentzel

Radio DJ: 15 years later and still not an employee

A recent Labour Court judgment applied the dominant impression test to establish whether a radio DJ was an employee of the SABC or an independent contractor. The Court concluded that the DJ was not an employee and serves to remind employers and individuals that the contra..

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IKM Advocates

Several sections of The NSSF Act Cap 45 of 2013 declared unconstitutional

On 19 September 2022, the Employment and Labour Relations Court declared several sections of the National Social Security Fund Act Cap 45 of 2013 as unconstitutional, null and void in Petitions 38 of 2014 (consolidated with Petitions 34, 35, 49 and 50 of 2014) Kenya Tea G..

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Banwo & Ighodalo

Tax Appeal Tribunal Rules On Security Deposit Requirement For Prosecution Of Tax Appeals

Taxpayers in Nigeria have had to grapple with conflicting interpretations of applicable statutory provisions, on the correct position of the law regarding the requirement to pay a security deposit for prosecution of tax appeals to the Tax Appeal Tribunal (“TAT” or t..

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Adams & Adams

Parody in South Africa: addressing the Hippo in the room

A recent advertising parody has caused quite a stir at the watering hole, and left consumers questioning whether Hippo.co.za may have been out of line.

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Oraro & Co.

Thoughts on the Sub Judice Rule

On 17th August 2022, in Omwanza Ombati v. The Hon. Chief Justice, The President of the Supreme Court & 4 Others (2022) eKLR, the High Court (Thande, J) quashed the Supreme Court (Presidential El..

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MMAKS Advocates

Bank customers could be held liable for banking fraud losses

On 18 July 2022, the Ugandan High Court issued a landmark decision on the liability for loss suffered due to digital bank fraud in the case of Aida Atiku versus Centenary Rural Development Bank Limited, (the defendant/bank) Civil Suit No. 0754 of 2020.
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Clyde & Co.

When may a South African court find that a director owes fiduciary duties to shareholders

More than 100 years ago the Salomon principle – that a company is distinct from its members – was laid down. A pillar of this principle is that the fiduciary duties of a director are owed to the company, not its shareholder..

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