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New deadline looms for non-residential property owners

Come 7 December 2022, a substantial proportion of South Africa’s non-residential buildings will be required to submit and display an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). The requirement, which was gazetted in December 2020, is aimed at making buildings in South Africa mo..

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Sal & Caldeira Advogados

Introduction of the concept of Affiliated Companies under the New Commercial Code

We hereby inform the business community and other interested parties of the introduction of the concept of affiliated companies (sociedades coligadas) under the new Commercial Code, approved by Decree-Law no. 1/2022, of 25 May (..

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Kenya: Sustainable Practices Towards a Circular Economy: Introduction of the Sustainable Waste Management Act, 2022

Climate change and the degradation of natural resources continues to elicit great interest and debate globally.

Kenya has demonstrated its commitment to the promotion of sustainable waste management and circular economy practices for green growth with the recent en..

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The Importance of ISO Standards and Legal Registers For Your Business

ISO is a name to be reckoned with in industries and businesses across the world. As businesses strive for competitive advantage, they must nevertheless ensure that standards are maintained - or suffer the consequences of having poor standards. These can range from quality..

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CHECKLIST: How To Set Up Your Legal Register

The law is a serious matter, and commissioning a legal register is an integral part of that most serious of business endeavours: legal compliance. A legal register is not de facto proof of compliance, but it is certainly a good star..

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MWC Legal

The Land Control Bill, 2022

The Land Control Bill, 2022 (the Bill) proposes to regulate various land transactions in relation to agricultural land. The Bill intends to repeal and replace the Land Control Act (Chapter 302) and seeks to..

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Webber Wentzel

Do androids recognise electric sheep? South Africa's recognition of blockchain arbitration agreements

​​​​​​​​The enforceability of (foreign) blockchain arbitrations under South Africa's international arbitration regime might be difficult but there are possible solutions. As technology advances, a recurring tension is the ability of legal systems to cater for or inc..

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Banwo & Ighodalo

Tax Appeal Tribunal Rules On Security Deposit Requirement For Prosecution Of Tax Appeals

Taxpayers in Nigeria have had to grapple with conflicting interpretations of applicable statutory provisions, on the correct position of the law regarding the requirement to pay a security deposit for prosecution of tax appeals to the Tax Appeal Tribunal (“TAT” or t..

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N. Dowuona & Company

NCA Announces Punitive Measures for Unregistered SIM Cards

As the Government of Ghana intensifies its drives to issue the national identity card – also known as the Ghana Card – to all citizens and residents and to re-register all SIM cards using the Ghana Card, the National Communications Authority (“NCA”) recently issued ..

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