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Bentsi-Enchill, Letsa & Ankomah

Local content requirements in Ghana’s power sector

Ghana’s power sector has experienced rapid growth in the last decade. According to the Energy Commission, total electricity generation almost doubled from 11.2 GWh in 2011 to 22.1 GWh in 2021, representing an annual average growth rate of 7%. In order to sustain the growt..

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Koranteng & Koranteng

Community mining

In Ghana, gold mining has always been a profitable venture for people in areas rich with minerals. Small-Scale Mining (SSM) is a major driver of the economy, directly employing an estimated 1 million Ghanaians and supporting around 4.5 million others. SSM has accounted fo..

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The role of grid scale battery energy storage systems in helping Kenya achieve its renewable energy goals

Over the past decade, Kenya has made significant strides in increasing its generation capacity from renewable energy sources. Current statistics show that renewable energy contributes to over 80% of the power injected..

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Unlocking opportunities: Expanding Ghanaian presence in the petroleum industry

Since the discovery of oil in commercial quantities in 2007, Ghana's petroleum industry has witnessed remarkable growth. In an effort to foster the development of the indigenous market, the Ministry of Energy introduced policies to take advantage of this growth. How..

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Regulatory update: Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission Customer Protection Regulations

Reliable access to electricity is vital for the development and progress of any nation. Nigeria has grappled with a persistent problem of irregular power supply and arbitrary disconnection of electricity services to consumers. This has not only posed hardship for consumer..

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Banwo & Ighodalo

The Constitutional Amendment Heralding The Decentralization Of The Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry (“NESI”)

On March 17, 2023, an Act to alter certain provisions of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (the “1999 Constitution”), to allow constituent states within the Nigerian federation (the “States”) to generate, transmit, and distribute electricity in area..

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Namibia's petroleum industry heats up with new oil discovery and investment opportunities

Yesterday’s announcement of the third oil discovery made in the offshore orange basin by Shell Namibia, Qatar Energy, and Total Energies brought Namibia's petroleum industry back into the limelight.

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Ambitious projects are under way to produce green hydrogen in South Africa

In recognition of the global proliferation of sustainable energy, and considering COP27 and SA’s international law obligations under the Paris Agreement, the country is strengthening its contributions and efforts towards climate change mitigation.

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Moira Mukuka Legal Practitioners

Zambia’s Mining Sector – Anticipated Regulatory and Institutional Reforms Following the Launch of New Mining Policy

The Ministry of Mines and Minerals Development (the “Ministry of Mines“) in November 2022 unveiled the National Mineral Resources Development Policy (2022-2027) (the “Policy“), a comprehen..

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