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Duale, Ovia & Alex-Adedipe

A Guide on the Registration of Data Controllers and Data Processors of Major Importance with the Nigeria Data Protection Commission

This guide highlights key aspects of the Nigeria Data Protection Commission's (NDPC) Guidance Notice, the categorization of data controllers and processors, and critical deadlines and compliance requirements.

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Guidance on Filing of Data Protection Compliance Audit Returns in Nigeria

The Nigeria Data Protection Commission (NDPC) recently issued a Guidance Notice (the“Notice”) on the filing of data protection Compliance Audit Returns (CARs) ahead of the next cycle for the filing of CARs in 2024. The Notice provides information and instructions for data..

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NDPC Issues Guidance Notice for Data Protection Compliance Audit Returns Filing

The Nigeria Data Protection Commission (“NDPC/the Commission”) has published a Guidance Notice prescribing the formalities for the data protection compliance audit returns (“CAR”) filing and other pertinent compliance requirements for data controllers moving forward (the ..

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A synergy of tech and expertise: Key insights from the "Shift the compliance mindset" webinar.

In today's corporate landscape, compliance has transcended its traditional role as a regulatory checkbox. It has emerged as a critical pillar defining an organization's ethical fortitude and strategic advantage.


Yet, 59% of compliance professionals ..

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The Zuma Case

Zuma SA operates a restaurant in South Africa under the name Zuma. They advertise the restaurant, using the name Zuma, on theirwebsite, and on their Facebook and Instagram pages, as well as other places, such as display material.

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No Shortcut to Compliance: Key insights from the "Why Compliance Matters in Africa" webinar.

85% of compliance professionals polled said they worry about the repercussions of non-compliance.

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