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A Summary of the Nigeria Data Protection Bill 2022

On 6 October 2022, the NDPB released the Data Protection Bill 2022 (“the Bill”). The Bill appears to be a beacon of hope for a final legislation on the subject, as the National Commissioner of the NDPB had stated earlier in the year that there would be a Data Protection A..

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Werksmans Attorneys

Tsunami of a Penalty as “Lucky Monopolist” gets Unlucky

In a rare display of its utmost displeasure, the Competition Tribunal this year imposed the maximum penalty for first time offenders of the Competition Act [1] on Tsutsumani Business Enterprise CC, being 10% of its to..

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Breakthrough Attorneys

Investing in Tanzania: a look at the newly passed Tanzania Investment Act 2022

On 31 August 2022, a Special Bill supplement for the proposed Tanzania Investment Act, 2022 was published in the special Gazette. This Bill has been tabled for discussi..

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Carbon Credits in Nigeria: Road to Implementation

On November 8, 2022, the new Africa Carbon Markets Initiative (ACMI) was inaugurated at the United Nations Climate Change global conference held in Sharm, Egypt, with an objective to scale the production of carbon credit across the continent.

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Adams & Adams

Zurich Insurance Company 'hit by rock mass' in the Gautrain Tunnel

The Supreme Court of Appeal (“the SCA” hereinafter) recently delivered a judgement in a matter involving Zurich Insurance Company South Africa LTD (“the insurer”) and the Gauteng Provincial Government (“the insured”), bringing to an end litigation that commenced early 201..

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Herbert Smith Freehills

The new Mozambican Electricity Law

The long-awaited reform of Mozambique’s electricity law has reached the statute books this winter in Maputo (summer if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere), with the enactment of Law 12/2022 of 11 July (the New Electricity Law).  It is..

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Corpus Legal Practitioners

Energy Sector Policy Highlights

The New Dawn administration has set ambitious policy objectives for the energy sector that will require both policy certainty and private capital. This comes after a 10-year period during which, despite some initial big wins including increased private participation, the ..

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As cybersecurity laws across Africa are on the rise, what's more to expect?

The African continent has been slow to introduce cybersecurity legislation. The latest Global Cybersecurity Index released in June 2021 showed that only 29 countries, out of the 54 assessed, had introduced cybersecurity legislation. It also found that only 10 African coun..

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The growth of cybercrime in Africa: what types and who's most at risk

The rate at which Africa’s digital space has been growing in recent years has been outstripping the rate at which governments are able to introduce cybersecurity laws to regulate and protect this unfamiliar landscape. Cybercriminals have e..

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