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Jurisdiction of the Board in Tax Decisions still a Nightmare

In what seems to be the Court of Appeals’ consistent position on appealability of some tax decisions, the Court has recently cemented its position that only objection decisions of the Commissioner General made under the Tax Administration Act are appealable to the T..

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WTS Nobisfields

Ghana Introduces the Electronic Transfer Levy (E-Levy)

The Electronic Transfer Levy Act, 2022, has been enacted into law by the Parliament of Ghana
in its capacity as the country’s law makers. The purpose of this law is to re..

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Angola: New Tax Benefits Code

As per Law No. 8/22, of April 14, 2022, the new Tax Benefits Code has been enacted. It seeks to bring together in a single act every tax benefit existing in Angola and their rules and cond..

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B&P Associates

Will The Anchor Hold? – Electronic Transfer Levy And Its Effect On The Fintech Space

The financial services industry, like many spheres of life, has evolved as a result of the massive influence of globalization. With technology advancing at galloping speed, the banking sector has managed ..

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IKM Advocates

How Landlord, Tenant Bill will reform tenancy

The Landlord and Tenant Bill 2021 (Bill) was introduced by the Majority Leader in the National Assembly, Hon. Amos Kimunya earlier in 2021 and has since been passed by the National Assembly and is currently being considered by the Senate.

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Morais Leitão Legal Circle

Angola: The Tax Benefits Code, 21 April

The Tax Benefits Code (TBC) published in the Angolan Official Gazette by Law no. 8/22, of April
14, is the result of a long legislative process resulting from the Draft Law published on 15 September 2020 (available here). The TBC emerges as a unique instrument for the ..

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FB Attorneys

Tax Ombudsman Regulations Issued

To enhance and protect tax payers’ rights against potential abuse by tax officers, in 2019, the Parliament of Tanzania made amendments to the Tax Administration Act of 2015 (the Act) to establish the office of Tax Ombudsman Service (the Service). The office is man..
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N. Dowuona & Company

Electronic Transfer Levy Act, 2022 (Act 1075) to Take Effect in May 2022

The Government of Ghana has passed the Electronic Transfer Levy (E-Levy) Act, which imposes a levy of 1.50% on electronic transfers at the time of transfer. This initiative by the Government is meant to broaden the tax base in the country and generate revenue. 
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Oraro & Co.

Tax Highlights of the Finance Bill, 2022

The Finance Bill, 2022 went through the First Reading on 13 April 2022. We provide below a summary of the proposed amendments the Bill seeks to make to various Tax Laws.

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