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The Employment (Amendment) Bill 2021: An Employee’s Right to Disconnect

The Senate has published for public participation the Employment (Amendment) Bill 2021 (the “Bill”). The Bill seeks to provide for employees’ right to disconnect. The Bill defines the right to disconnect as the right of an employee not to be contacted by the employe..

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SDG7 and the Journey to Nigeria’s 2060 Net Zero Emission Target: A Bird’s Eye View

In 2019, the Nigerian Government, through the Rural Electrification Agency, developed a model to determine the most cost-effective solution to achieving 100% electrification in the nation. The model revealed that 100% electrification by 2024 would require new connections ..

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OALP’s analysis of the recently enacted Climate Change Act 2021 and its potential impact on businesses in the energy industry

In the last quarter of 2021, His Excellency, President Muhammadu Buhari signed into law, the Climate Change Act 2021, to usher in a new dawn in Nigeria’s efforts towards environmental sustainability and ecosystem preservation by presenting a wholistic approach to re..

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South Africa: New earnings threshold and minimum wage to come into effect on 1 March 2022

On 1 March 2022, we will see the implementation of an increased annual earnings threshold in the amount of ZAR 224 080.48 per annum and an increased national minimum wage in the amount of ZAR 23.19 per hour worked. 

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Clyde & Co.

Performance Security Bonds in Tanzania

A Performance Security Bond (Performance Bond) is a contract of guarantee in which one party (the Guarantor) promises to discharge the liability of a third party in the event of default. Performance Bonds are designed to ensure the performance of duties by parties t..

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What you need to know about NFTs and smart contracts

A non-fungible token, often referred to as an NFT, is a digital asset that represents real-world objects such as art, music, and videos on a blockchain. Some examples of NFTs include the Nyan Cat gif, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey's first original tweet, and a video o..

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Kenya: The Employment (Amendment) Bill 2021

The Employment (Amendment) Bill 2021 was gazetted by a Gazette Notice dated 8 October 2021. The Bill is aimed at addressing increased employee burnout and promoting employees’ work life balance.


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IBN Immigration Solutions

Corporates, HR Managers and Assignees – Everything you Need to Know About the New Critical Skills List


South Africa’s new Critical Skills List came into effect on 2 February 2022. Around 70 roles were removed from the list and new roles were added.

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Spoor & Fisher

New IP legislation comes into force in Mauritius

In 2019 the Mauritian authorities published new IP legislation, the Industrial Property Act 2019. It has now been announced that the legislation is anticipated to come into force in February 2022.


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