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Adams & Adams

Attachment of Trademarks Registered in South Africa by a Foreign Entity to Found Jurisdiction in South Africa

Can trademarks that are registered in South Africa and owned by a foreign entity be attached to found or create jurisdiction in South Africa over the foreign entity? This question was considered by the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) in a jud..

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Dentons Hamilton Harrison & Mathews

Tax disputes end at the Court of Appeal

ABSA Bank PLC (ABSA) has been refused leave to appeal to the Supreme Court. This was by the Court of Appeal in a decision given on 5 November 2021. While the highest court in the land is the Supreme Court, Article 163(4) of the Constitution..

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FB Attorneys

Chief Justice Issues Remote Proceedings and Electronic Recording Rules

In a bid to continue ensuring speedy disposal of cases, harnessing use of technology and making justice more accessible, and efficient, His Lordship the Chief Justice has issued the Judicature and Application of Laws (Remote Proceedin..

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