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Federal High Court of Nigeria introduces e-affidavit system

On the 7th of June 2024, the Chief Judge of the Federal High Court of Nigeria issued a Practice Direction which will allow litigants to depose to affidavits electronically at the Federal High Court. The Practice Direction known as the Federal High Court (Practice Directio..

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Sanctity of Arbitration Agreements: Important Lessons from The Supreme Court's Decision in NNPC V Fung Tai Engineering Company

In its recent decision in Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation v Fung Tai Engineering Company, the Supreme Court came out strongly in favour of arbitration by reaffirming the sanctity of arbitration agreements and the limits to the courts' intervention in arbitral proc..

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Ghana Supreme Court Affirms Ghana as Arbitration Friendly Jurisdiction

On Wednesday, 21st February 2024, the Supreme Court of Ghana handed down a judgment in Unichem (Ghana) Limited and Anor versus Metropolis Healthcare (Mauritius) Limited and Metropolis Healthcare (Ghana) Ltd, unanimously upholding the decision of the Court of Appeal to ref..

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Social media influencer interdicted from defaming Native Child Africa

Earlier this year, the Pretoria High Court in Native Child Africa (Pty) Ltd v Akinwale reminded social media influencers to ensure that they understand the terms and conditions stipulated in the contracts they conclude with brands. In this case, Mary Oluwatobiloba Akinwal..

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FB Attorneys

Tanzania Court of Appeal Rules amended

In a bid to continue to leverage technology, modernize and expedite pending matters at the Court of Appeal, the Chief Justice, His Lordship Prof Ibrahim Juma, issued the Tanzania Court of Appeal (Amendment) Rules, 2024 (Gn. 188 of 2024) in March 2024. One of the commendab..

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Garlicke & Bousfield

Can affidavits be commissioned virtually?

The Covid-19 pandemic caused a rapid and widespread adoption of video conferencing platforms such as Teams and Zoom. As governments worldwide implemented social distancing measures and encouraged remote work, organisations swiftly turned to virtual collaboration tools to ..

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Makunga v Barlequins Beleggings t/a Indigo Spur | AI in court proceedings

Makunga sued Barlequins Beleggings t/a Indigo Spur for damages arising from a breach of contract. This is a good example of AI in court proceedings. Makunga represented himself and successfully used generative AI and Google to draft his heads of argument. The court dismis..

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MMAKS Advocates

Key arbitration caselaw developments in Uganda 2023-2024

With an increased number of post-arbitration rulings in applications seeking to set aside domestic awards or to resist the enforcement of foreign awards, the Arbitration Law landscape in Uganda continues to develop into a more comprehensive body of law. This article analy..

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Tanzanian judiciary introduces AI for enhanced efficiency

In an ambitious and unprecedented move towards modernising its judicial processes, the Tanzanian judiciary has introduced AI into its transcriptions and translations system.

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