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Addressing increased cybersecurity threats to financial institutions: The FSCA and Prudential Authority’s response

In recent years, South Africa has experienced an increase in cybercrimes, cyberattacks, and security breaches, with banks and financial institutions being prime targets. Reports have found that stolen or compromised credentials and phishing scams are the primary attack ve..

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Bentsi-Enchill, Letsa & Ankomah

Licensing of Cybersecurity Industry Players in Ghana

Cybersecurity has increasingly become necessary to protect industries and governments from cyberattacks, theft, damage and to prevent disruption to businesses. Cybersecurity regulation delineates the type of control an organisation must deploy to protect itself and its cu..

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As cybersecurity laws across Africa are on the rise, what's more to expect?

The African continent has been slow to introduce cybersecurity legislation. The latest Global Cybersecurity Index released in June 2021 showed that only 29 countries, out of the 54 assessed, had introduced cybersecurity legislation. It also found that only 10 African coun..

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The growth of cybercrime in Africa: what types and who's most at risk

The rate at which Africa’s digital space has been growing in recent years has been outstripping the rate at which governments are able to introduce cybersecurity laws to regulate and protect this unfamiliar landscape. Cybercriminals have e..

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Zambia: Regulatory developments on cyber security

In April 2021 a new law with wide-ranging implications for all businesses was passed in Zambia, the Cyber Security and Cyber Crimes Act, 2021 (Act). Whilst the Act made it clear that critical information infrast..

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Venture Law

The Cybersecurity and Cybercrime Act 2021

The new Cybersecurity and Cybercrime Act 2021 (the ‘’Act’’) enacted on 19 November 2021 repeals the Computer Misuse and Cybercrime Act 2003. The new legislation provides for a National Cybersecurity Committee (the ‘‘Committee’’) and a comprehensive legal framework to deal..

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BLC Robert & Associates

The Cybersecurity and Cybercrime Bill 2021: New law not without difficulties and concerns

The Cybersecurity and Cybercrime Bill 2021 (“CC Bill”) replaces the existing cybercrime legislation, the Computer Misuse and Cybercrime Act 2003.

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