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South Africa: A new era for electricity supply – a Hybrid Market

On Thursday, 14 March, the Electricity Regulation Amendment Bill was passed by the National Assembly and has been sent to the National Council of the Provinces for consideration. This is a significant step towards the Bill being passed into law and therefore amending the ..

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Key considerations and compliance challenges as South Africa introduces new "failure to prevent corrupt activities offence" in section 34A of the Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities Act

A significant recommendation of the State Capture Commission, the introduction of a failure to prevent corruption offence, has been introduced in South Africa with effect from 3 April 2024. The Judicial Matters Amendment Bill was passed by the National Council of Province..

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Analysis of the Key Provisions and Implications of the Affordable Housing Act, 2024

The Affordable Housing Act, 2024 was gazetted on 19 March 2024 after being signed into law by the President on the same date. The Act serves to implement constitutional mandates regarding the right to accessible and adequate housing and sanitation standards while establis..

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LEX Africa

The enhancement of Competition and Consumer Protection regulation in Zambia by the new amendments to the Competition and Consumer Protection Act

On 26 December 2023, the Competition and Consumer Protection (Amendment) Act No. 21 of 2023 was passed into law, effectively amending various provisions of the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission Act No. 24 of 2010. The new changes to the Principal Act are the ..

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B&P Associates

Disclosure Of Impropriety In Light Of The Whistleblowers Act, 2006 (Act 720

In the pursuit of justice and the preservation of ethical standards within society, the Whistleblowers Act, 2006 (Act 720) in Ghana stands as a pivotal legal instrument. This Act provides a framework for individuals to disclose instances of impropriety, safeguarding them ..

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Namibia: The Virtual Assets Act 10 of 2023 – What should you know?

The Virtual Assets Act 10 of 2023 was brought into force on 25 July 2023. With the promulgation and coming into force of the VAA, many had the hope that the Act would shed some light on questions such as, may one legally own, possess or trade Bitcoin, what the rules for t..

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Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr

The establishment of the Public Procurement Tribunal

The complex public procurement system in South Africa has been fertile ground for litigation over many years, and to say that law reports are replete with cases dealing with public procurement would be an understatement. Litigation in this context almost invariably brings..

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Werksmans Attorneys

Zambia introduces welcomed revisions in the Trade Marks Bill 2023

Zambia’s Trade Mark legislation is currently the Trade Marks Act (Chapter 401) 1958 In 2023 the Trade Marks Bill 2023 was passed. The commencement date for the Trade Marks Bill 2023 is not yet known and in terms of S155 the Minister may make Regulations for the better car..

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AVM Advogados

New General Labor Law

On December 27, 2023, Law No. 12/23 of December 27, was published in the Official Gazette. The law approves the New General Labor Law, which revokes the Law No. 7/15 of June 15th, as well as Rectification No. 15/15 of October 2nd, and all separate legislation that contrad..

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