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Pinsent Masons

Kenya publishes plans for first nuclear power plant

A recently unveiled strategic plan provides a roadmap for the establishment of Kenya’s first nuclear power plant with aims of bolstering the country’s energy capacity while reducing CO2 emissions, an expert has said. The plan follows the successful introduction of Kenya’s..

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FB Attorneys

Tanzania Court of Appeal Rules amended

In a bid to continue to leverage technology, modernize and expedite pending matters at the Court of Appeal, the Chief Justice, His Lordship Prof Ibrahim Juma, issued the Tanzania Court of Appeal (Amendment) Rules, 2024 (Gn. 188 of 2024) in March 2024. One of the commendab..

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Garlicke & Bousfield

Can affidavits be commissioned virtually?

The Covid-19 pandemic caused a rapid and widespread adoption of video conferencing platforms such as Teams and Zoom. As governments worldwide implemented social distancing measures and encouraged remote work, organisations swiftly turned to virtual collaboration tools to ..

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Muvingi Mugadza

Overview of The New Currency Changes in Zimbabwe

On Friday the 5th of April 2024, the President of Zimbabwe through Statutory Instrument 60 of 2024 Presidential Powers (Temporary Measures) (Zimbabwe Gold Notes and Coins) Regulations 2024, passed into law a new currency law. The new currency introduced is to be known as ..

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Webber Newd

Lesotho's Competition Act, 2022: On the Verge of Implementation

The publication of the Competition Act, 2022 marked a significant milestone in Lesotho's economic landscape. Previously, the Kingdom of Lesotho relied on common law principles to address instances of unfair competition, resulting in inadequate enforcement against anti-com..

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Unlocking opportunities: Mozambique’s new Investment Law and Regulations

As one of Africa's emerging economies, Mozambique offers abundant opportunities for domestic and foreign investors alike. In a bid to enhance a conducive environment for investment to continue fostering economic growth and development, Mozambique recently has updated its ..

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South Africa: A new era for electricity supply – a Hybrid Market

On Thursday, 14 March, the Electricity Regulation Amendment Bill was passed by the National Assembly and has been sent to the National Council of the Provinces for consideration. This is a significant step towards the Bill being passed into law and therefore amending the ..

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Guidelines for Employment Termination on Medical Grounds

In Kenya’s dynamic employment landscape, terminating employees on medical grounds poses significant challenges for employers as employers must weigh between productivity and being sensitive in the face of medical incapacity. While the Employment Act, 2007 provides criteri..

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Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) New Minimum Capital Requirements for Banks

On 28 March 2024, the Central Bank of Nigeria revised the minimum capital requirements for banks aimed at strengthening the Nigerian financial system and actualizing the Nigerian Government’s objective to achieve a US$1 trillion economy in gross domestic product terms by ..

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