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HRA Advogados

The Competition Regulatory Authority of Mozambique becomes operational

Decree No. 6/2021, of 23 February, amending the Statute of the Competition Regulatory Authority of Mozambique (Autoridade Reguladora da Concorrência/“ARC”), has recently been published.

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Vieira de Almeida

Mozambique: Amendments to the Civil Code

Decree-Law No. 2/2021, of 9 August - Amends articles 377, 714, 875 and 1143 of the Civil Code, approved by ..
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HRA Advogados

Amendment to the Merger Notification Fee in Mozambique

Ministerial Decree no. 77/2021, of 16 August 2021, was published yesterday, amending the rules
concerning the fee applicable to merger control notifications in Mozambique.


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