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Clyde & Co.

Real Estate Investment Trust in Tanzania

This update outlines the regulatory framework, applicability, practice, and registration process of REITs in Tanzania, aiming to provide comprehensive insights for potential investors and stakeholders.

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IBN Immigration Solutions

Navigating Kenya’s Immigration System: Recent Updates

Kenya’s immigration system is currently undergoing significant changes, affecting various aspects of the application process. The Directorate of Immigration Services has temporarily paused all immigration application processing and issuance, including permanent residence,..

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Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr

Enhancing supervision in the banking sector: A review of the Draft Banking (Penalties) Regulations, 2024

The Central Bank of Kenya recently published the Draft Banking (Penalties) Regulations, 2024, whose defining features are a marked departure from the Banking (Penalties) Regulations, 1999 which they will be seeking to repeal. In this article, we highlight some noteworthy ..

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South Africa: Introducing the ‘Digital nomad visa’ – Take two

The Digital nomad visa was introduced by way of amendments to the Immigration Regulations and came into operation with effect from 28 March 2024, one day before the closing date for public comments on the draft version. Shortly thereafter, following push-back from the Nat..

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NCC Suspends Issuance of Licences

In a public notice issued on the 17th of May, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) notified stakeholders of the temporary suspension of licences in three categories, namely: Interconnect Exchange License (‘IEX’), Mobile Virtual Network Operator License (‘MVNO’), a..

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KTA Advocates

Article 6 of the Paris Agreement and the Carbon Market in Uganda

This article examines the implementation of Article 6 of the Paris Agreement in Uganda, emphasizing the country’s unique geography, climate vulnerability, and the development of its carbon market. Highlighting Uganda’s commitment to international climate treaties, the art..

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CBN Withdraws Circular on the Collection and Remittance of National Cybersecurity Levy

The Central Bank of Nigeria on 17 May 2024 issued a circular withdrawing its earlier circular dated 6 May 2024 which mandated all banks, mobile money operators, and payment service providers to implement a cybersecurity levy in accordance with the relevant provisions of t..

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Polygraph examinations: Can an employer dismiss an employee for refusing to undergo a polygraph examination

While a polygraph examination alone cannot conclusively determine employee misconduct, it can serve as corroborative evidence among other factors. But what happens when an employee refuses to undergo a polygraph test?

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Tanzania: The Investment Act and its regulations

This article provides a concise overview of the country’s investment regime, highlighting key aspects such as the Tanzania Investment Act, 2022, and the Tanzania Investment Regulations, 2023.

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