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AELEX secures landmark judgment on whether legislation should apply to trading conducted prior to its enactment, even if tax filings are made after enactment

On 27 June 2022, AELEX secured a landmark judgement for Accugas Limited (“Accugas”) at the Abuja Division of the Federal High Court (“the “FHC) by moving the FHC to hold that the Finance Act, 2019 (“FA 2019”), which was assented to on 13 January 2020 should not apply to t..

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Oraro & Co.

Open Sesame: Reflections on the Data Protection (General) Regulations, 2021

The substantive statute that governs data protection in Kenya is the Data Protection Act, 2019 (the DPA) that came into force on 8th November 2019. Pursuant to the DPA, the Cabinet Secretary for matters relating..

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Zambia: Mining Appeals Tribunal established

The Government of the Republic of Zambia has constituted a Mining Appeals Tribunal (Tribunal) as provided for under the Mines and Minerals Development Act 11 of 2015 (Ac..

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Collateral arrangements: a brief history

Any transfer of a share issued by a South African incorporated company or listed on a South African exchange is subject to securities transfer tax (“STT”), which is levied in terms of the Securities Transfer Tax..

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MMAKS Advocates

Amendments to the tax legislation in Uganda - 2022

The Head of State on the 2nd June 2022 assented to a number of amendments to the country’s tax regime. Some of these changes have far reaching ramifications to Foreign Investors, Tax Practitioners, and the Business Community generally. The changes shall take effect ..

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Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr

Abuse of buyer power: Kenyan Competition Authority recovers over KES 38 million from insurance companies

Over the last few months, the Competition Authority of Kenya (CAK) has ramped up its enforcement activities with respect to incidences of abuse of power (ABP).

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Exploring the NITDA Code of Practice and Its Potential Impact on Social Media and Online Platforms

The general public has expressed its distrust for the NITDA’s Code of Practice (Code) for interactive computer service platforms/ internet intermediaries. Specifically, the public has expressed concerns that the Code is yet another attempt by the Nigerian Government to re..

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Webber Wentzel

The NEMLA Act - the long-awaited shift in South Africa's environmental legislative landscape is finally here

​​The final signing into law of the NEMLA Act has introduced a major shift in South Africa’s environmental legislation from 24 June 2022 and will deter non-compliance with environmental laws.

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ALP East Africa

An Insight into Key Provisions of the Landlord and Tenant Act, 2022

The ALP Compliance Memo 1/2022 provides an insight into the Landlord and Tenant Act 2022 that was recently passed as a new Law in Uganda. The article highlights the responsibilities that Landlords and Tenants need to adhere to when renting premises in Uganda...

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