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Fintech regulation in Kenya

According to the Economic Survey Report of 2022[1], the value of output from the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Sector rose by 6.9% from USD 4...

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Moira Mukuka Legal Practitioners

Regulation of Fintech in Zambia – A Legal Guide

Fintech in Zambia is governed by various pieces of legislation, depending on the type of financial service offered. There is no single piece of legislation that governs the entire fintech industry. Generally, fintech is governed by the same laws that govern traditional fi..

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INTERVIEW: How this Mauritian FinTech start-up stays one step ahead of regulators.

Mauritius has a sophisticated financial services industry and a vibrant ICT sector. It is increasingly well placed to take advantage of the opportunities FinTech brings for both Africa and the rest of the world.

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CASE STUDY: Nigeria's vibrant FinTech scene and how to avoid its regulatory pitfalls.

Nigeria’s young population, increasing smartphone penetration and improved regulatory environment are creating the perfect storm for the FinTech sector to flourish. Nigeria is now the home to over 200 standalone FinTech companies, plus a number of FinTech solutions offere..

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The state of FinTech in Africa (and where the most successful ecosystems are)

There are a number of reasons why Africa has been earmarked as the next hub for FinTech. A youthful pop..

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The Regulatory Framework for Fintechs in Uganda

The Parliament of Uganda passed the National Payment Systems Act (the Act) in 2020 and a year later, the National Payment Systems Regulations 2021 (the Regulations) were passed to operationalise the Act. The objective of this regime is to cont..

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Vazi Legal

The Impact of Fintech on Financial Inclusion in Nigeria

The fintech industry in Nigeria has helped to expedite financial inclusion. To this end, over 20 million new bank accounts have been opened via traditional banks and fintech companies since 2020, bringing the total banked population in Nigeria..

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Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr

The M-Pesa Visa GlobalPay virtual card

Safaricom PLC (Safaricom) and Visa Inc (Visa) recently announced the launch of the M-Pesa GlobalPay Visa virtual card (the M-Pesa Card). The partnership comes amidst the Central Bank of Kenya’s issuance of its National Paym..

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B&P Associates

Will The Anchor Hold? – Electronic Transfer Levy And Its Effect On The Fintech Space

The financial services industry, like many spheres of life, has evolved as a result of the massive influence of globalization. With technology advancing at galloping speed, the banking sector has managed ..

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