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Muvingi Mugadza

New Investment Regulations In Zimbabwe

The facilitation of investment and any matters related to investment in Zimbabwe are generally governed by the Zimbabwe Investment and Development Agency [Chapter 14:38]. Zimbabwe Investment and Development Agency (‘the Agency’) which was established by t..

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Clyde & Co.

Tanzania: Updater on the New Investment Regulations GN No. 477 of 2023

In a bid to bolster domestic investments and promote economic growth, the Government of Tanzania (the GoT) recently revoked the Tanzania Investment Regulations, 2002 (the TIR) and enacted the Tanzania Investment Regulations GN No. 477 of 2023 (the New Investment Reg..

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New Private Investment Law

Law 8/2023 of 9 June (the "Investment Law") has been published in the Official Gazette. This new law establishes the rules applicable to private investments eligible for certain tax and non-tax guarantees and incentives. It also repeals the 30-y..

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Bentsi-Enchill, Letsa & Ankomah

The Foreign Investor Loses It All: A Cautionary Tale to Multinational Corporations

The Supreme Court of Ghana (Supreme Court) has on several occasions held that international business or economic transactions (IBET(s)) involving the Government of Ghana (Government) that are not approved by the Parliament of Ghana (Parliament) are unconstitutional. In th..

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FB Attorneys

New Investment Act in force

In a bid to promote the use of Kiswahili language in the Government’s official business and in line with the law, on 2 December 2022, the Parliament of Tanzania passed the new Tanzania Investment Act, 2022 (the new Investment Act) in Kiswahili. This follows the amen..

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ALP East Africa

Tanzania ratifies protocol to empower regional court to handle business and investment matters

Tanzania’s ratification of the protocol extending the Court’s jurisdiction is another step towards a functional and well-structured trade and investment regime within the East African Community.

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Breakthrough Attorneys

Investing in Tanzania: a look at the newly passed Tanzania Investment Act 2022

On 31 August 2022, a Special Bill supplement for the proposed Tanzania Investment Act, 2022 was published in the special Gazette. This Bill has been tabled for discussi..

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IKM Advocates

Give foreign investors more access to land in food-security goals

Secure property rights, efficient land ownership and use are the cornerstone of any modern economy. Kenya has kept up with global trends in recognizing the fundamental role that land plays in sustainable economic growth and has made efforts ..

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Key Highlights of The United States-Kenya Strategic Trade and Investment Partnership (STIP)

On July 14, 2022, the United States and Kenya launched a strategic trade and investment partnership (STIP) to pursue commitments to boost economic growth, support African regional economic integration and deepen trade cooperation. Both countries target to commence, within..

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