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Competition concerns as the President of Uganda assents to the Petroleum Supply (Amendment) Act 2023

The Petroleum Supply (Amendment) Act, 2023 has received Presidential assent in a record-breaking ten days from the date that it was passed by Parliament. In the meantime, the Competition Bill, 2023 which was passed over two months ago still awaits assent, well beyon..

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Ambitious projects are under way to produce green hydrogen in South Africa

In recognition of the global proliferation of sustainable energy, and considering COP27 and SA’s international law obligations under the Paris Agreement, the country is strengthening its contributions and efforts towards climate change mitigation.

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SDG7 and the Journey to Nigeria’s 2060 Net Zero Emission Target: A Bird’s Eye View

In 2019, the Nigerian Government, through the Rural Electrification Agency, developed a model to determine the most cost-effective solution to achieving 100% electrification in the nation. The model revealed that 100% electrification by 2024 would require new connections ..

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ALP East Africa

Proposed Amendments to Electricity Law in Uganda

Proposed amendments to the electricity sector law—via the Electricity (Amendment) Bill, 2022—seek to address the sector’s institutional regulators and to allow isolated power generation plants to sell e..

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Bentsi-Enchill, Letsa & Ankomah

Mergers and Acquisitions considerations in Ghana’s upstream oil and gas industry

Ghana does not have a general competition or antitrust legislation. As a result, there is no general competition regulator that oversees merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions. M&A transactions are, therefore, subject to industry-specific regulation.

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Baker McKenzie

South Africa: Green hydrogen policy - a rapidly growing timeline of important developments

As an essential component of South Africa’s energy transition, the production, transport, storage and use of green hydrogen, has been the subject of numerous policy updates and public and private sector commitments in the country, especially in the last year. The timeline..

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Anjarwalla & Khanna

Legal Alert | Proposed Approach to PPA Renegotiation

At the end of September 2021, Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta issued a statement on the presidential taskforce appointed to, among other things, review the power purchase agreements (PPAs) entered into between the State-owned offtaker, Kenya Power & Lighting Company (..

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Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr

Production sharing contracts and Kenya’s Petroleum Act

The new Petroleum Act aims to facilitate greater accountability and transparency and to bring the legislative framework, relating to the upstream sector, in line with current industry standards and practices.

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Webber Wentzel

New Law Facilitates Large-Scale Private Power Generation in South Africa

On 10 June 2021, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced a significant step in further reforming South Africa's electricity sector to achieve a stable and secure supply of energy. Following an extens..

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