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Ghana's Climate Change Commitments

In November last year, Ghana was one of the 197 nations that adopted the Glasgow Climate Pact following the conclusion of the most recent UN Climate Conference, COP26. After two weeks of negotiations, with a record number of delegates in Scotland, the international ..

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FB Attorneys

Mining Local Content Regulations Amended

In a bid to address regulatory and practical challenges pertaining to the Mining Local Content Regulations, 2018 (the amended Regulations) the Minister for Minerals has issued the Mining (Local Content) (Amendment) Regulations (the amendments) vide Government Notice..

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Zambia: Mining Appeals Tribunal established

The Government of the Republic of Zambia has constituted a Mining Appeals Tribunal (Tribunal) as provided for under the Mines and Minerals Development Act 11 of 2015 (Ac..

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Tax incentives are essential for getting South African mining exploration investment back on track

In April 2022, the Fraser Institute published the “Survey of Mining Companies 2021”, where investors weighed in on what mineral endowments and public policy factors, such as regulatory uncertainty and taxation, impacted their decision to invest in exploration in a region...

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Werksmans Attorneys

A new reality for illegal miners and the ‘zama zamas’?

Illegal mining is a critical challenge in the South African mining and minerals industry. In response to this chall..

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Mine Community Resettlement Guidelines published for implementation

Mining operations have the potential to displace individuals and communities, resulting in the loss of income, loss of physical and non-physical assets (including homes), productive land, subsistence, resources, cultural sites, social structures, networks and ties, cultural ..
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Unbundling the PIA: host communities development

The host community development provisions in the Petroleum Industry Act 2021 (PIA) remain a focal topic of discourse amongst stakeholders in the Nigerian oil and gas industry. 

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