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Lending against collateral – why should collateral value matter for banks/financial institutions?

The last couple of years have seen significant progress in the appreciation of the basic principles that lay the foundation for sound lending practices and the integrity of the financial services sector. The banking industry is one of the main drivers of the country..

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KN Law

High Court Muddies the Waters on Enforcing Lending Securities

A recent High Court ruling will have lenders scratching their heads on how to best secure facilities they issue and enforce full repayment. The High Court, in a decision we expect to be challenged, held a lender who had been allowed to purchase the property securing ..

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Trading in international stocks and securities with Fintechs – the present state of play

There has been a lot of interest in the activities of investment technology companies (investTech) as some of them have been utilising platforms offering securities of foreign companies to investors in Nigeria. However, these platforms have had to contend with regulators ..

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Sal & Caldeira Advogados

Control Agreement as Instrument of Perfection of Pledge of Bank Accounts Agreements

It is unquestionable that, nowadays, the access to credit, capital and other financial services is a very important means of financing, developing, and strengthening private sector investment in Mozambique. And it is understanding the crucial role of the securities to be ..

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