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Tanzania Public Private Partnership Regulations Amendments, 2023

Significant changes to the Public Private Partnership Act Cap.103 were brought by the Public Private Partnership (Amendment) Act No. 4 of 2023 to boost private sector investment in Tanzania and streamline project delivery processes. To ensure harmonisation, the Government..

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The Ghanaian Framework for Public-Private Partnerships

Ghana, like many other developing countries, faces significant infrastructure deficit that has long hindered its economic growth and development. Addressing Ghana's infrastructure challenges will require raising billions of dollars in annual expenditures. Recognizing the ..

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Moira Mukuka Legal Practitioners

Public Private Partnership Bill 2023: Identification of PPP Projects

To enhance transparency and long-term sustainability in the procurement of solicited PPP projects, the PPP Bill proposes a more robust framework and approval process for contracting authorities for projects that have been identified as suitable for development as PPPs. In..

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Moira Mukuka Legal Practitioners

Zambian Refines Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Model

Parliament is expected to usher in a more robust public-private partnership (“PPP”) framework in 2023 and is currently considering the Public Private Partnership Bill (the “PPP Bill”) which came up for first reading on 28 July 2023. Leading up to this Bill, government has em..
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Kenya PPP Directorate to Become the Key Driver of PPP Projects in Kenya: A Detailed Look at Kenya’s New PPP Law

Public private partnerships have long been proposed as the answer to Kenya’s ever-widening infrastructure gap.

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