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The Money Laundering Bill 2022

The Nigerian Senate, on 16th March 2022, passed the Money Laundering (Prevention & Prohibition) Bill, 2022 (the “Bill”). The Bill aims to abolish the Money Laundering (Prohibiti..

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Mauritius de-listed – the way forward

2022 has kicked off on a positive note for Mauritius as it no longer features in the non-compliant jurisdiction lists of any international supervisory bodies.

On 7 January 2022, the European Parliament and the European Council delisted Mauritius from the EU List o..

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Anti-Money Laundering Act to be amended

The Government has tabled the Anti-Money Laundering (Amendment) Bill of 2022 in the National Assembly.


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The Proceeds of Crime and Anti-money Laundering (Amendment) Bill 2021

The Proceeds of Crime and Anti-money Laundering Bill (the “Bill”) gazetted on 03 September 2021 seeks to amend the current Proceeds of Crime and Anti-money Laundering Act, 2009 (the “Act”). The Bill proposes to introduce a number of changes targeted towards countering the..

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