Angola: The Tax Benefits Code, 21 April

The Tax Benefits Code (TBC) published in the Angolan Official Gazette by Law no. 8/22, of April
14, is the result of a long legislative process resulting from the Draft Law published on 15 September 2020 (available here). The TBC emerges as a unique instrument for the regulation of
various tax benefits in a simple and modern shape, as an effort to update, broaden the tax base, and increase of the supervision and control in the Angolan tax system by the Angolan Tax
Administration and other public entities involved.


In summary, the approval and publication of the TBC fits into the long process of Tax Reform in Angola, revoking a number of specific Diplomas, however, on the one hand, it preserves the specific tax benefits that have been granted prior to the entry into force of the TBC (“grandfather clause”), and, on the other hand, the TBC does not apply to tax benefits granted under the Special Taxation Regimes, namely for the oil and mining activities (they shall continue to be regulated by their specific legislative instruments).


The TBC is expected to come into force on 14 May 2022.





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