Disconnection of Telecommunications Network in Nigeria: balancing the interest of the service provider and consumers

On Monday 8th of January 2024, the Nigerian Communications Commission (the "Commission"} released a memo signed by its director of Public Affairs, Mr. Reuben Mouka, titled "Pre Disconnection Notice'' 1 The notice informs all subscribers of Globacom that the Commission has approved the partial disconnection of Globacom network from MTN. The effect of this approval is that the subscribers of Globacom will no longer be able to make phone calls to MTN. Globacom subscribers will, however, be able to receive calls from MTN subscribers.


Interconnection of Telecommunication Networks

The interconnectivity of telecommunications networks makes it possible for subscribers of one network to connect to the subscribers of another network. This interconnectivity is facilitated by Section 96 of the Nigerian Communications Act 2003 which requires network service or facilities service providers to interconnect their communications network with another

telecommunication service provider network upon request.


Read the original publication at DOA.

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