Casino Enterprise (Pty) Limited (Swaziland) v Gauteng Gambling Board and Others | Online Gambling

In the Casino Enterprise v Gauteng Gambling Board case, the court ruled that Gauteng’s gambling laws governed the activities of the Swaziland online casino. As a result, the company had to comply with these rules and obtain the necessary permissions. This case highlights the importance for online gambling companies to adhere to the laws of the jurisdiction where they operate and consider the potential impact of their actions in different areas.


Who should care about this Casino Enterprise v Gauteng Gambling Board judgment and why?


Online gambling operators: This judgment directly impacts the legality of online gambling operations. Comprehending the court’s interpretation of Gauteng’s gambling laws is crucial for operators to ensure compliance. Non-compliance can result in fines or shutdowns, so adhering to local regulations is vital for business sustainability.


Gaming regulatory authorities: Regulatory bodies overseeing gambling laws should take notice as it sets a precedent for enforcing these regulations. The court’s reasoning offers guidance on fair play, consumer protection, and industry integrity. Consistency in enforcement builds trust in the gambling sector.


Media companies: Media organisations broadcasting online casino ads should be concerned. The judgment clarifies the legality of advertising such services within Gauteng. Understanding legal boundaries helps media companies avoid legal challenges and stay compliant.


Consumers and gamblers: Individuals engaging in online gambling should care about this judgment. It affects the accessibility and legality of online casinos in Gauteng. Knowing whether their chosen platforms operate within the law is crucial for informed decisions, financial security, and fair play


Our insights on the Casino Enterprise v Gauteng Gambling Board judgment


In this case, we’ll explore online gambling and if you’re a player, part of a gambling business, or just curious about how the law affects online betting, here’s what you should know.


Online gambling is a growing industry, and this case highlights some crucial points:

Following the law can be complex if you run an online gambling site, across different regions. It’s vital to understand and follow the laws that apply to your operations. Empower yourself by reading our insights on gambling.

Advertising your online gambling services needs careful consideration. This case demonstrates that advertising in specific regions can be subject to certain laws. Knowing where and how to promote your services is essential.

As a player, it’s essential to be aware that where you’re physically located can affect the legality of your online gambling activities. Knowing the rules in your area ensures a safe and enjoyable gaming experience.


This case raises questions about how governments balance regulating the online gambling industry for player protection while creating an engaging and entertaining gaming experience. Finding this balance is crucial for industry growth and coexistence with regulations.


In the world of online betting, success isn’t just about luck. It requires a solid grasp of the legal framework. Whether you’re an industry insider or a casual player, being informed about the legal aspects ensures a secure and enjoyable gaming experience.





The case examines whether a Swaziland-based company’s online betting activities, particularly its online casino advertising in Gauteng, breach gambling laws in South Africa’s Gauteng province. Furthermore, it seeks to determine the implications of these actions on the legal landscape. This has led to a dispute with the Gauteng Gambling Board (GGB) over its legality.



The court reviewed gambling laws to regulate activities, generate revenue, protect vulnerable individuals, and prevent competition. It defined “interactive games” broadly, including playing and making them available. It determined online gambling in Gauteng’s jurisdiction due to significant actions there.



The court ruled that the online casino must adhere to Gauteng’s gambling laws, including regulations and licensing requirements. It upheld the GGB’s position that advertising the online casino in the province was not lawful.




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