Afriwise’s fusion of legal minds and data science takes top honours at the African Legal Awards 2023


Afriwise received the Innovation Award at the prestigious African Legal Awards 2023, hosted by International. The award recognizes how Afriwise transforms legal practice with the fusion of AI-based cognitive computing capabilities and a vast proprietary legal database.


Companies active in Africa know well that the lack of quality legal information hinders business operations and growth. Afriwise conceptualised and built a fully maintained legal-intelligence database across Africa to give the confidence to those looking to invest on the continent.


Collaborating with the continent’s best in-country law firms allowed the company to launch a subscriber-based platform with reliable and up-to-date legal information. This offering won Afriwise the Innovation Award twice before.


This year’s award celebrates another innovation milestone: the addition of AI-based cognitive-computing capabilities with the integration of a leading legal software development company, Pythagoria. This programme ‘fused’ with Afriwise’s content has created a unique model that combines legaltech, AI and the practical legal intelligence and guidance of in-country lawyers.


Steven De Backer, CEO of Afriwise, commented, “Our vision of an integrated legal and regulatory information solution for Africa enhanced with artificial intelligence has not only become a reality but has also been appreciated by the jury of African Legal Awards 2023. We are honoured and inspired by this award.”


Afriwise's AI-powered platform stands out by guaranteeing the integrity of its underlying information, given its unique collaborative approach with over 130 law firms. There is no need for guardrails to prevent AI going off-track, as the information is prepared by leading lawyers. Consumers of our platform have peace of mind that our legal intelligence can be trusted at all times.


Both founders and CEOs of Afriwise (Steven De Backer) and Pythagoria (Pierre-Yves Thomas) are co-leading the development of Afriwise’s smart legal warehouse.



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The new AI-powered data warehouse makes it easy for legal and compliance teams to find, monitor and understand legal requirements their businesses face across the continent.


Corporate counsel or compliance professionals will use this innovation for...
📈 getting real-time legal analysis based on legislation;
⚖ assessing case law and lawyers’ input;
🤖 building legal chatbots;
🔎 performing legal research smarter;
📑 running their regulatory monitoring;
🤝 integrating software systems with smart APIs;
🎛 compiling regulatory dashboards.



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