The only pan-African digital law resource for in-house lawyers

High-quality legal resources to advise stakeholders quickly, independently & confidently

Empower your team with detailed and actionable legal knowledge about the African jurisdictions you’re active in, whether it’s one or 20+ countries.

Afriwise is trusted by Fortune 500 companies and many of Africa’s largest enterprises, as well as SMEs and NGOs active in African countries.


Afriwise’s offering includes practical guidance with expert views, legal registers, up-to-date legislation, legal monitoring and alerts, innovative tools to find and extract information into custom-made reports, and direct access to the finest legal minds on the continent.

Why should you use Afriwise as in-house counsel?

  • Get 24/7 access to laws, regulations, guidelines, Bills, recent reforms and much more in the country or countries of your choice. These are available in both original and text format, are arranged per topic and industry, and are fully searchable. In Francophone and Lusophone countries, the texts are also available in English.
  • Find answers to your legal questions through Afriwise’s detailed legal knowledge, in the form of legal analysis and practical guidance, sourced and maintained in collaboration with top local counsel.
  • Eliminate the headache of answering day-to-day legal questions, saving you time, money and stress.
  • Easily stay on top of new legal developments.
  • Develop multijurisdictional reports on your chosen area(s) of law across countries in seconds, whenever you want and as many times you want, at no additional cost.
  • Access Africa’s largest database of vetted lawyers, searchable by practice area and industry expertise, and stay up to speed with developments in local legal fraternities. You know what they say: the best law firm today is not necessarily the best firm tomorrow. 
  • Simplify and document your legal-advice sourcing when instructing lawyers using Africa’s only legal-procurement tool.
  • Have the option to empower your business to safely self-serve its high-level legal demands and achieve a higher level of legal security and compliance.
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