The ideal solution to underpin your regulatory risk management & compliance

Know what to comply with, how to comply and proactively manage your regulatory risk

The foundation of regulatory risk management and compliance is knowing what applies in a specific context.

Afriwise assists large and small companies in heavily regulated industries such as banking, FinTech, telco, energy and life sciences, and also offers legal registers and compliance risk-management solutions to companies across the African continent.


Afriwise’s service includes maintained legal registers, organised per topic and linked to meaningful insights; real-time automated regulatory monitoring and alerting; and APIs to synchronise your compliance workflow solutions with our regulatory databases.

Why should you use Afriwise as a regulatory risk or compliance manager?

  • Access legal and regulatory instruments 24/7 and import these on-demand (including useful data such a description, text, feature extraction, labelling and translations).

  • Overcome regulatory complexity by accessing detailed practical guidance on what the law requires you to do in a particular scenario, taking into account not only legal texts but also case law and well-developed local practices.

  • Monitor and receive alerts to regulatory developments in the countries and industries of your choice.

  • Set up alerts based on any combination of keywords (in English even in non-English-speaking countries). Through a combination of our own maintained databases, web scrapers and official sources of content, you’ll be the first to know of a relevant development.

  • Import the text of legal and regulatory instruments, as well as key information such as proactive compliance requirements, sanctions and relevant authorities, into your own or other third-party applications.

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