Angola: Proposal for the 2022 General State Budget Law

lt has recently been made available the Proposal for the 2022 General State Budget Law ("State Budget Proposal"). Among the proposed measures the following are to be highlighted:


Industrial Tax withholding


The State Budget Proposal reinstates the Industrial Tax withholding rate due for serv ices prov ided by non-Angolan-resident entities at 6,5% (at the moment the applicable rate is 15%, except for serv ices acquired b y Angolan oil operators).




VAT exemption on import of goods regarding charitable offerings or to mitigate natural disasters' effects, as long as duly recognized by Angolan Tax Authorities. 7% rate on hotel and restaurants serv ices, subject to certain requirements. Reduction of the V A T rate (from 14 % to 7%) applicable to certain t ypes of food products. Along with the reduction of the general VAT rate, the State Budget Proposal foresees an increase from 5% to 7% of the VAT rate applicable to certain products, such as rice, sugar and milk.


Custom Duties


Exemption from clearance procedures and payment of customs duties on goods shipped by courier or in travelers' luggage up to Kz 1000 000,00 (currently the limit is of Kz 880 000,00} Granting of certain customs benefits to entities that qualify as Authorized Economic Operators.


Special Tax on Gaming


Exemption of Special Gaming Tax on prizes equal or low er than Kz 250 000 00, regarding social, territorial or online games. Prizes that exceed the referred value are subject to a 20% rate. The prizes of certain online games of chance will now be taxed ata single 15% rate.


Motor Vehicle Tax


Amendment of the schedules foreseen in Motor Vehicle Tax Code, regarding vessels and aircrafts, which will allow a reduction of the applicable tax rates.






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